Life drifted by slow and sweet

With my small dreams and simple goals

Then you came and led my feet

To a world where we played roles

You told me of black and of white

You showed me a strange light

I learnt my nose was too flat

And I was wrong to have a delicacy of rat

My tongue was too crude for you

My very being you taught me to rue

I then realized there was a new order

Where you were forever the awesome wonder

I was always inferior

So I began to judge based on the exterior

You told me I was barbaric

But perhaps we both are moronic

For you closed your mind from conceiving that we are different yet same

And I blindly accepted the false tag you called my name

You dazzled me when you took me by the hand

And distracted me only to take over my land

I may label you a thief and a cheat

But it was I who followed you around like a dog,

Lapped up the crumbs you deemed fit,

Lay to be stepped on like a rug

Do I blame you?

Do I blame myself too?

I just know I was fine being me

Till you came and taught me what to be


by Angie Inspired | @2017 Deliberate Scroll


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