Let’s Talk [Part 4]

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Okay, so what I am about to talk about is going to touch a nerve so I am just going to lay it out there: the black race has been using all it has been through as an excuse for its failures.

Yes, I said it and I mean it. I hate to be the one who says this but look hard enough and you would know it is the truth. The black race is a resilient, strong one, I agree. We have been through hell and back; consistently marginalized and battered by those who deem themselves more powerful. But it is about time, we stopped milking the narrative for the sake of sympathy. For example, every year there seems to be a movie on black history that either gets a big win at the Oscars or gets lots of nominations. It is like we are being mollified and we are enjoying it.

It is about time, we stopped celebrating sporadic bursts of achievement. We should be done receiving handouts. African countries claim that we are still at this stage of development because of the effects of slavery and colonization. Some black Americans claim they turn out as gang bangers, drug addicts, school drop outs, teenage mums etc. because of racism. It is true, that these unfortunate events have left vestiges today and may have set certain unfortunate trends in motion but can we stop taking advantage of that to excuse our own incompetence and failures? We are in the position to turn the narrative around.

The black race is not the only race that has suffered brutality. Look at the Jews. Forget the oppression in Egypt and let’s consider the Holocaust alone but they have come a long way from that. Terrible things have happened but can we stop hosting a pity party and move on?

by Angie Inspired | @2017 Deliberate Scroll


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