Pst. Amoz Stephen Obadiah & House of Judah – Shalom


This is How I say it… The man who will prosper in all he does is the man who understands and receives The Peace of God every time. He is that man who can hear God above and beyond the circumstances. Today, we remind ourselves and we declare that He is our prince of Peace. Download, and share with your loved ones and Family.

@Amoz Stephen @HOJ_GLA

Click here to download “Shalom” [mp3]
Alternative link

Download other songs on the Love of the Father|Love for the Father project:

  1. You amaze me
  2. Lord we pray
  3. Today
  4. King of the Tide
  5. Eyes on you
  6. Your Majesty
  7. Touch Your Heart
  8. I mean it
  9. None Like You
  10. You Take The Glory
  11. Flow River
  12. Do The Impossible
  13. Your Love
  14. Heartfelt
  15. Holy Are You Lord
  16. Burn
  17. Mr & Mrs Christian
  18. I Believe
  19. Written Deep
  20. Your Way
  21. Touch My Heart
  22. We Seek You
  23. God Is
  24. BABU
  25. Praises to your Name
  26. Confidence
  27. At Thy Word

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