Two friends we were

A picturesque scene of friendship

You know, I would finish his sentences, he would finish mine

We defined what the world could not-love

But then the world manifested in its true form,

Just as Hosea’s wife did

Her tits against my flesh were titillating

Her kisses like drops from a honeycomb

And her temples, like pomegranates within her locks

Her kisses were as the drops of the honey comb and

You tried to save me but I wouldn’t let you

You stretched out your hands

And I consciously slapped them away

I turned my back on you,

Enraptured by my new-found ‘love’

And so to redeem me of my blind lust,

You spilled your blood and you died

For me, your friend

Although I’m not sure if I’m still suited to call myself that

And so, with sun roasted skin and bloodshot eyes,

I unpretentiously say I’m sorry and I ask?

Can we start over?

Can we work together to make this work?

I really want this to work, I really do

For human frailty, I may not always call or speak to you

But, for the life in me, I will always let you see how much I love you.


IJOHO LUPEL STEPHEN .K. is a final year student of International Studies at Ahmadu Bello University with a knack for reading a good book and animes; he would rather be stuck in the literary world than in a room full of quibbling diplomats. His specialty is free verse but he occasionally dabbles into rhymed poetry and prose.

©2017 Deliberate scrolls


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