LET’S TALK (Part two)


Read “Part one” here

I am all for girl power and being strong-willed, decisive, vociferous and in-charge. Nothing rocks like girl who knows her onions, knows she knows her onions and is willing to show you how much she knows her onions. However, I believe we are beginning to delude ourselves.

Feminism has hit many Western countries like a hurricane and is already raging in developing nations like our beloved Nigeria as a wild fire would. Once this mindset settles, it will alter our course like a tropical storm.

But you see, if you tell me feminism is about fighting against discrimination; that women should be perceived beyond their looks and judged based on their competence then I am with you all the way. If you tell me feminism is about championing the fact that men should be free to be emotionally expressive and should not be judged based on how good they are in bed, then I would be on the front lines, screaming my lungs out. However, when we throw the place of functionality out the window, then I have a problem with that, a serious one.

Hold on, before you light the torches and tie to me to a stake all ye radical feminists, hear me out. We are specifically created for different roles for the sake of a well-functioning society. Thus, it is not just our biology that makes a man different from a woman. It is much more; it is deeper. It is in our wiring and so for the sake of a ‘make-sense’ society, let’s stop kidding ourselves and do what we ought to.

Thus, we shouldn’t judge one another based on the preconceived idea of what a man or woman should be and in the same vein, we should not deceive ourselves into playing someone else’s role. How would you feel if you were in a play and someone else was reading your lines?

Piece by Angie Inspired | ©2017 Deliberate Scroll



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