LET’S TALK (Part one)

It’s a blame game. The one with the sharpest tongue and choicest vocabulary wins. It is a game you and I engage in daily. Your ability to justify yourself ‘vindicates’ you and so you win the game. The prize? Nothing elaborate; you just get to shift the blame and walk away ‘scot-free’.

This trend plays out daily, in every aspect of our daily routine. In fact, the student environment is the perfect case study. When the student is graded well, it becomes, “I got an A” but when he is graded poorly, it becomes, “The lecturer failed me/ They gave me an F”. It is amazing how the ‘I’ in the initial sentence suddenly becomes an anonymous ‘they’.

Inasmuch as our educational system has lost most of its common sense, get off your horse and stop thinking so highly of yourself. A good number of times, we know it’s our efforts that have led us to where we are. We are not always prey to some elaborate scheme of victimization. We know the work we have put in our closets (whether poor or laudable) so if we reap poor benefits later, don’t moan and blame it on the system! We are all part of the system, by the way. For goodness’ sake, it is not the Terminator series where machines have taken over!

You and I should own up when we fail. It takes guts but I am done playing this dumb game that never leads anywhere. Are you?

Piece by Angie Inspired | ©2017 Deliberate Scroll


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